True Heroes

So by now I am confident that you have heard the news and stories of the terriable incident from last Thursday night/Friday morning. I am, of course, referring to the shooting that took place during the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.

However, I am not writing about the horrific event in its entirety. This is because I want to respect the people who fell victim to the act of a single, desperate, seemingly evil individual. Plus, there has been enough press about the event has a whole and I will not continue writing about it and dissecting it, at least for now.

I want to mention three people from this event: Jon, Matt and Alex. These three incredibly brave men paid the ultimate price for the people they cared about. Now I realize there are numerous stories of bravery from that night, but these three young men laid down their lives in order to protect others. When the gunman started firing into the crowd, each of them reacted in a split moment, using their bodies to protect their girlfriends and those around them.

While some of the specific details of what happened may be shrouded in mystery and confusing details, the effects of these brave acts is clear: three young women are alive because these three guys moved in a way devoid of selfishness and full of compassion and care.

Many of us strive to live out the words of the Bible, whether we fully believe in it or not. From the Golden Rule to the Ten Commandments, almost everyone applies these types of ideals in their lives. However, one verse seems to stand above the rest, especially in this situation. It was the first that I heard in my mind as soon as I hear about this story, and it sent shivers through my body.

I want you to think about this for yourself- I am not going to spend time breaking this down further. I will say: these men are true heroes and I know their sacrifice will never be forgotten or their memory diminished.

So think about this, do any of us really know when our time is up, or how our time will end? These guys were not doing anything extraordinary before they were killed…they were going to a midnight release of a movie- something I have done many times with no thought to something like this happening. Then, when the situation drastically changed, they saw only one way to react. Casting aside selfish ambition, they saved someone they loved. We should all be so lucky to have our last act be so courageous.

I want to close with a question: We are called to be courageous…Jon, Matt and Alex answered the call when the moment came: will you? Live in a way that honors them, their memory and the love ones they left behind.

Gentlemen- thank you.

Article about the young men here:


Best Day In History

There are days throughout history that all of us know. These are days that have had a profound impact on the course of history and have altered the flow of time in ways we could never truly imagine. I would like to briefly countdown the top four Best Days in History, ending with the celebration of one of these days that is right around the calendar corner. Remember, these are my top four days in history, and matter how old you think the earth may be, that is still impressive.

Number 4- Creation. As a Christian, I believe in the Creation account set forth in Genesis. I believe that God created the world from nothing and has created each of us indivually and unique from the rest. And of course we managed to mess it up; we fell victim to the Tempter and sin was introduced into the world and into all aspects of Creation.

Number 3- Christmas. Although celebrated for different reasons, the main idea behind Christmas is the birth of Christ. This is the point in history when Jesus became both fully God and fully man and entered into our world as a baby. It was the beginning of the greatest act of undeserving love throughout history…Christ came to save us from our sin.

Number 2- Good Friday. On this particular day, Christ took the cross upon his shoulders and carried it, for all of us. He took the full weight of the world’s sin upon His own shoulders and offered Himself as the ultimate sacrifice to cover the stain of our sins and wash us clean forever. It was while He hung on the cross that he spoke some of history’s most powerful words, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do…It is finished.” With that, Christ took His last breathe and died, hanging on the cross-having been rejected and beaten by the vary people He had come to save. Now, this could have been the end of the story. Christ could have died and that would have been that…history would have gone on and remembered Him, maybe, just as a guy who performed some cool miracles but in the end was just like anyother man. The good news for all of us, is that this is not the end of the story…not by a long shot.

Number 4- Easter. This is the single greatest day in all of history. Just a few days after giving Himself on the cross for the sins of the world, Christ rose from the grave. In this single act, He destroyed death’s power over humanity. No longer do we have to be afraid of dying, Christ has conquered the grave for us. He has now given us access to eternal life, with Him…and He only asks one thing in return-that we give up the sinful ways of this earth and follow Him. On this special day, we celebrate the life and hope that Christ has delivered to all of us. Easter, the day we remember Christ’s victory over death and the grip of sin, is BY FAR the single best day in all of history.


For further reading and understanding, check out the story in the Gospels (the first four books in the New Testement of the Bible).