A Song For Thanksgiving

Give thanks to our Lord!


A Time of Giving

The other night I was working at a concert and was humbled by people’s generosity. We asked people to bring non-perishable food donations in exchange for freeĀ admittance to a Jadon Lavik Christmas Concert. We were only able to advertise this for barely two weeks and were unsure of how effective it would be. I was so surprised by amount of food and money was donated, truly a humbling experience. Some people gave a little, some people gave a lot…it all added up to a tremendous amount. We estimated that by the end of the show, there were at least ten large donation boxes worth of food, in addition to cash donations. A lot of people are going to be receiving meals in the coming weeks thanks to the generosity of these people.

What this event really showed me, is that we can all make a difference. Can by can people gave and gave. While it may be easy to be distracted by the large donations, it is almost more important to remember the small ones too. In the end, everyone’s donation was added together, each donation became part of the whole. No matter what each of us have, it can make a difference…in ways we may not not be able to fully understand or comprehend. I sincerely hope you catch what I’m saying.

While the picture doesn't fully do the donations justice, I hope this provides an idea as to the depth and scope of people's generosity.