30 Songs

On this tab I’ll be posting music each day that best goes along with the 30 Day Song Challenge.

Day 1 (11/21): Your Favorite Song. I don’t listen it to that often but it gets me every time I do. I always think, “what would I be without grace…?”

Day 2 (11/22): A Song That Inspires You. I actually have a blog post about this song. It really makes me want to get up and fight. Then I remember that we are all fighting for something. Feel free to check out my blog post for more of my thoughts about it. Yes, it is a Harry Potter tribute and it is epic!

Day 3 (11/23) A Song You Can Play On An Instrument. I played the saxophone for a number of years ( 6,7,8?). I loved playing jazz and this was one song that I have always enjoyed.

Day 4 (11/24) A Song That Makes You Feel Happy. This is a pretty chill song that I have really come to enjoy. It just reminds me of when times are simpler and more relaxed. I love the care free feeling of the song and how it encourages us to remember. It’s tricky to say in words just how this song makes me happy, but it really does…so there 😉

Day 5 (11/25) A Song You Listen To When You Are Happy. This is fast becoming one of my “feel good” songs. Sure there be stuff that doesn’t work…but what is there to complain about, it sure is a good life.

Day 6 (11/26) A Song From Your Childhood. The music video is not too old, but the song sure it! Release of 1999…totally listened to Weird Al during junior high and beyond with my friends. Good times!

Day 7 (11/27) A Song You Want Played At Your Funeral. Kind of a sad thought to think, but it’s on the list! If anyone was to make something like a tribute slideshow/video for my funeral I think I would want this song to be on it.

Day 8 (11/28) A Song You Know All The Words To. This would apply to sooo many different songs! This one came on the radio today and I just started singing along and could remember all the words even though its been years since I heard it…there are so many country songs I know the words too, this one just seemed to stick out today.

Day 9 (11/29) A Song You Want Played At Your Wedding. I would love to have this song played in some form or fashion at my wedding. A remix of a song that people all know and I think it could be used in a really creative and classy way.

Day 10 (11/30) A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere. How could I choose anything than a song from camp??!!!

Day 11 (12/1) A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure. What can I say, this is a great song! I have great memories of this song from 5th Hill and Island Lake…always a classic. In fact, I have videos of this song from both places on my Facebook…good times!

Day 12 (12/2) A Song No One Would Expect You To Like. Well, it’s not an entirely true statement because the Men of Second Moyer know about me and this song all too well (Go Fusion 2009)! Like the post from yesterday, there is a video of this up on Facebook too (http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1103072230487). I bet most people that see this will totally judge me but I just don’t care! Flashback to the good old day!

Day 13 (12/3) A Song That Makes You Feel Sad. We’ve all been there…having to say goodbye to someone/somewhere in a way that is very difficult. This song always reminds me of the hardest times and the lyrics hit home.

Day 14 (12/4) A Song You Listen To When You Are Sad. An appropriate follow up to the previous song. After I listen to this song, I always want to wish the best to the people in my life, particularly the people or places I’ve had to leave behind. I’ll never forget or regret. Also appropriate that this song too is from Rascal Flatts.

Day 15 (12/5) A Song From Your Favorite Album. It’s the title track from the Newsboys’ “Born Again” Album. I got this album when it was just released and it is an awesome album. Love the message of the song and the album as a whole…check it out!

Day 16 (12/6) A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event. There aren’t really any words that can fit the true feelings and emotions of the day. I remember exactly where I was and what I saw on TV. I will never forget…ever.

Day 17 (12/7) A Song That Makes You Laugh. I remember the first time I heard this, at campfire at Camp Parsons. We were all cracking up by the end of it and had fun with the song at other scout events/outings. I really appreciate the whimsicalness of the song.

Day 18 (12/8) A Song By Your Favorite Band. Two words for you: Tyler Ward. Today was a challenge because I had to pick just one…I decided on one of his original songs. The music is beautiful and the lyrics are so true…”If we don’t jump we’ll never know.” Check out his other music too and let me know what you think.

Day 19 (12/9) A Song That Reminds You Of Someone. Well, this is actually for two people, my two awesome roommates from college: Aaron and Stephen. More often than not, this song (or at least some Taylor Swift) was being played in our apartment. Be sure to check out the video on my facebook of Stephen and I playing this song for Aaron 🙂

Day 20 (12/10) A Song You Can Relax To. Hit play, sit back, close your eyes and just let the music play. Not only are they super talented, I also really like this song…seems to always be in my mind.

Day 21 (12/11) A Song You Wish You Could Play. Always loved the piano in this song…I want to learn it on the piano, I mean, I already know the words 😉 I’d also just like to get back into playing piano.

Day 22 (12/12) A Song To Dance To. This song has a little bit of everything, I think it would be super fun to dance to. What more needs to be said?

Day 23 (12/13) A Song You Listen To When Angry. Let’s be honest, since this song came out, who hasn’t turned it up a little bit louder and sung along? It’s a great song when you are feeling angry/upset about really anything. True that? Side note, when I was writing up songs to use for this challenge, this is one of the first ones I wrote down!

Day 24 (12/14) A Song That Describes You. I would be nothing without the grace that only God can provide. Through Him I am truly set free. What would any of us be without grace? I can think of no better song to describe me…a wretch that has truly been saved by amazing grace. Hit play, close your eyes and thank God for His saving grace that is available to all.

Day 25 (12/15) A Song You Wish You Heard On The Radio. An awesome song by one of my favorite artists. I really wish any of his music was played on the radio, but this could be a good one to start with. He played this when I saw him in concert and the energy behind the song was incredible!

Day 25 (12/16) A Song That’s A Reminder. There really isn’t much I can say for this one…just listen. “Lord, don’t let me waste my life. I choose to live for you!”

Day 26 (12/17) A Song With Lyrics To Live By. Take a listen…need I say more? This song is so powerful and such an encouragement for me to live the life of a true man…God’s man. I will stand on my knees with lifted hands.

Day 27 (12/18) Your Favorite Song From This Time Last Year. I think it came out in January..close enough! Not only was this one of my favorite songs from this time last year, but it’s still high on my list of favorite songs.

Day 28 (12/19) A Song You Often Hear On The Radio. Seems to always be playing on 106.1, 93.3 or 92.5. Usually a fun song to turn up the volume to and rock a bit to, if I do say so myself! Fun memories rocking out to this song with friends, especially at camp!

Day 29 (12/20) A Song To Say Goodbye To. It fits as I say goodbye to this challenge. It’s been an experience to be sure! This is a song about someone saying goodbye to their current way of life and getting back on track with God. Listen to the song, and really listen to the words. Eppic for the win.

Day 30. The Last Song.

The Challenge Is Done…


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