Bucket List

So what do I want to do before the Lord calls me home…these are in no particular order of importance, they are all important in their own way

  • Get a full time, career oriented job
  • Return to and spend time in Australia
  • Backpack in New Zealand
  • Read the entire Bible and commit it to my heart
  • Return to Camping Ministry in some capacity
  • Hike part or all of the Pacific Crest Trail
  • Write a book…maybe publish, but write for sure
  • Get back into rock climbing-indoors and outdoors
  • Summit Mount Rainier
  • Visit all 50 states…half way there!
  • Get my own place outside of college housing
  • Set foot on every continent (6 for sure… Antarctica is a bonus)
  • Start a business or two…or three
  • Find the woman God intended for me to marry
  • Get married to said person (help plan my own wedding)
  • Surprise my wife with the honeymoon trip
  • Provide for my family in what they need
  • Play catch with my children
  • Teach in another country
  • Hang out with Tyler Ward and Crew
  • Read every Clive Cussler book…only possible when he is done writing!
  • Read every Redwall book
  •  Meet the Newsbosy
  • Learn to play the guitar and write a song
  • Get a hedgehog
  • Relearn the piano
  • Become a professor in an area I am passionate about
  • Plan a surprise party for someone special
  • Learn to scuba dive
  • Go back to Philmont and once again summit the Tooth of Time
  • Go to the Olympics
  • Go to graduate school and finish it
  • Establish a foundation
  • Continue to apply my faith in every area of my life
  • Be a light to others

Appropriate for a list of things to do in life…life is too short to sit pasivly by.

There’s gotta be something more/ Gotta be more than this

 I need a little less hard time/I need a little more bliss

 I’m gonna take my chances/Taking a chance I might

 Find what I’m looking for/There’s gotta be something more

 Some believe in destiny, and some believe in fate

 I believe that happiness is something we create

 You best believe that I’m not gonna wait/Cause there’s gotta be something more


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