30 Photos

For the next 30 Days I will be posting various pictures in accordance with an outline I found online. I am going to be doing my best to post each day so make sure to check back often. There will be a variety of pictures representing different memories, experiences and people in my life-past, present and future. Should be interesting to see how it goes, let me know what you think. To the pictures that are not mine to begin with, I do not claim ownership, just to cover my bases.

I’ve also gone a head and mapped out what each day’s ‘topic’ will be, so you can see what is coming up…you can even try guessing what I will post but I can almost promise you some of them will surprise you, no matter how well you know me.

Day 1: A Picture of Yourself with 10 Facts.

1. Above all, I am a Christian…I am nothing without Christ’s saving grace.
2. I graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a B.A. in Business Administration.
3. I work FT doing catering/sales for a hotel and PT doing promotions for a radio station.
4. I am a youth group leader at my church…8th grade guys!
5. I love to travel and explore new places/cultures.
6. I am totally a dog person, I will have one when I have a family.
7. I am a sucker for super hero movies but will watch all different genres.
8. I worked two summers at Island Lake as the Recreation Coordinator, best job ever.
9. My camp name is Master Chief, but I do not play Halo.
10.I have some of the coolest friends, you should be jealous and get to know them.

Day 2: A Picture of Your Most Treasured Item.

Technically speaking, a most treasured item is something that you would never give up, no matter what. This is a picture of my Bible and while the physical book itself is not my most treasured item, it represents my faith-my most treasured item. No matter what happens, I will never give up or retract my faith…it is part of who I am, now and forever.

My current Bible

Day 3: The Person You Do The Most Crazy Things With.

Well, there’s no way this topic was going to be anything other than a BSA or Camp related picture, let’s be honest. However, in the last few years, there is definitely a clear choice. My great friend Jeff and I worked together at Island Lake for two summers and it was great! We are the self-dubbed Fire Masters at Camp and he’s always by my side, no matter what. I mean, I think he easily takes the title based on the fact that we have a bear attack plan alone. Thanks for all the fun times, Jeff, they will never be forgotten!

Jeff...aka...Wiley Coyote at Island Lake

Day 4: A Picture of A Memorial Night.

Vegas. Spring Break. Senior Year. Need I say more? A memorial night from an epic trip. Thanks for the fun times, guys!

Matt, Devon, Jon, Jeff, Myself, Chris and Loren in Vegas.

Day 5: A Picture of Your Favorite Show.

Although there are many shows I like and have enjoyed over the years, this is definately in my top 5…as number 1. Jack Bauer ftw.

Day 6: A Picture That Makes You Laugh.

This comes courtesy of my good friend Aly. She sent it to me years ago and I still laugh when I see it. May it brighten your day as it as brightened.

Day 7: A Picture of the Friend You’ve Been Closest To Longest.

This guy and I met on the first day of 7th grade, took classes together all through junior high and high school, did track together for two years, went to the same college and lived together. Ten years and counting…thanks for the fun times, bro!

My good friend, Stephen.

Day 8: A Pcture of Your Favorite Band or Artist.

It calls for ‘or’ so I shall give you both my favorite band AND artist!

Favorite Band- Newsboys!

Favorite artist- Tyler Ward (and the rest of the Crew too)

Day 9: A Picture of Your Favorite Vacation.

Australia...3 weeks...all over...epic.

Day 10: A Picture of the Person Who Has Gotten You Through the Most.

Words cannot adequately describe how thankful I am to have Amanda and Robert in my life. They are two of my biggest confidants, encourages, motivators….and overall two of my best friends. Thank you so much for everything, you two!

What a great couple.

Day 11: A Picture of Someone You’d Love To Trade Places With For A Day.

I have always thought Jon has the best job in the world. He lives and works at Camp as the Program Director for Island Lake (the camp I worked at). I would love the chance to be in his shoes for a period of time because I would get to be back at camp doing what I love with some of the best people I know. Jon was also the best boss I have ever had and it would be an honor to have a similar position to his. So much more I could say but I think you get it…

Jon aka Udder Chaos

 Day 12: A picture of something you hate

Broken promises.

Day 13: A picture of something you love

True friends.

Day 14: A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without

Camp staff, definitely. I would not be who I am without these people, from both summers I worked at Island Lake (2010 & 2011). So many great memories!

2010 Staff Praying together at the end of the summer...So thankful for both summers of camp staff.

Day 15: A picture of something you want to do before you die

Self Explanitory.

Day 16: A picutre of someone who inspires you.

As some of you know, my family and I have been through alot in the past few years. How could they not be an inspiration to me?

My family and I.

Day 17: A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently

I started serving at my church as a junior high youth group leader at the start of the school year. It has been great so far and has definitely had an impact on my life…I serve with some great people!

Junior High and High School UTurn leaders at our Christmas party.

Day 18: A picture of your biggest uncertainty.

I may not know what the future hold for me, but I am not overly that worried. While the future may be uncertain, I choose not to focus on that, but rather on enjoying life along the way.  Sure, the future may be a question mark, but is that part of why it is exciting to work towards? God has a future for me, I just have to be up for the ide!

What's around the corner or at the exit? I do not know, but I want to find out!

Day 19: A picture and a letter

Ready for this…a picture of pictures that within each is a letter and together spell the name of a place…Crazy! Special shout out to Miracle Ranch (sister camp to Island Lake).

Miracle Ranch...a great place indeed

Day 20: A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel.

I will go there…it’s on my bucket list! Backpacking trip, anyone??

New Zealand...beautiful

Day 21: A picture of something you wish you could forget.

For this day…I put up no picture. My past has worked in ways I could never fully understand, comprehend or explain to put me where I am in life. Sure there are painful or difficult parts, but I am who I am now because of all of it.

Day 22: A picture of something you wish you were better at

One day I will learn then write my own music...it is on my bucket list.

Day 23: A picture of your favorite book/author

Can you guess by this picture…

I own all his books...in hard and soft covers.


When I got to meet Clive Cussler, get a booked signed and shake his hand. It was a good time!

Day 24: A picture of something you wish you could change.

I want everyone to have access to the type of education I have had over the years. We all deserve the chance to learn. This is one of the main reasons I want to teach someday…I want to encourage people through education.

better education leads to a better future

Day 25: A picture of your day

Hangout time with some the junior high leaders….dinner and a movie.

Awesome movie with awesome friends

Day 26: picture of someone you miss

No words today.

Day 27: A picture of something that means alot to you

People come and go, things are lost to time and places change…but I will cherish my memories forever. Good or bad, they are apart of me and mean alot to me.


Day 28: A picture of yourself and a family member

She’s my favorite 🙂

My dog Maggie and I.

Day 29: A picture of something you are afraid of

No one truly wants to be alone in life.

 Day 30:A picture that can always make you smile

This is a picture from Hall Ball 2009. Evan is one of my best friends and we always have an awesome time. Looking back on all our times together, I cannot help but smile…Thanks for the awesome times, mate!

4 years and counting...a friendship that will not soon come to pass!


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  1. Hi, do you know the new hero today? It’s green hornet! 😛 and I got cool friends too, u’re to be jealous as well when you come to know them 😛 but of course, wanna know your friends too 🙂

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