Watching and Waiting

Watching the news from all around the world…

I long for the day when the grey curtain of this world is pulled back and the splendor of heaven fills every crevice on, above and below the earth.

When it seems there is no hope, remember Christ has already won the ultimate victory.

In Him there is hope.

In Him alone. 


One thought on “Watching and Waiting

  1. Is it not true that myriads of men and women, no stronger than yourself, have fought this battle with the world, and won it? Think of the mighty armies of Christian soldiers who have walked in the narrow way in the last eighteen centuries, and proved more than conquerors. The same Divine Captain, the same armor, the same helps and aids by which they overcame, are ready for you. Surely if they got the victory, you may hope to do the same.

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