I’m Back!

Wow, it sure has been a long time, hasn’t it?! It is crazy to think that I have not posted since the end of December!

Well, it is now well into 2013 and I am returning to the blogging world! I have definitely missed the creative freedom of blogging and will be once again fully utilizing it.

You may ask what has been going on since I last posted, and I will tell you…life has been going on. I moved back to Woodinville and am currently seeking out what life chapter I am now in. While I figure it out, I have time to help at home which feels amazing and spend time every day looking for new career opportunities. I know there will be something great next!

I will post more later and more frequently, but wanted to let you know (yes, you!) that I am still around and am back 🙂

Hope you have been doing well!


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