The Fight Against

Just a few weeks ago, my family received news that impacted us like no new has before: cancer had entered our immediate family. On November 27th I received the call that my mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Now, I have known other families who have had this tragic news called into their lives, but it is still hard to imagine that it has been brought into my family. I cannot fully remember what I felt in the moment I was told…I remember being in absolute shock and feeling numb that it had happened. In fact, I got into my car and drove the hour and a half straight home to see my mom. We spent some time talking and praying together, with some tears mixed in throughout.

In our desperation and despair, my mom and I did what we knew to be right, although difficult: we turned it over to God. We could sit around forever asking why and trying to blame God for allow this to happen, but what would this accomplish?? When sin entered our world, death and disease entered into humanity, and this cancer is a clear and physical example of this sin and evil. Rather, after my mom and I allowed ourselves a few minutes of pity, we turned it all over to God.

You see, I have total and complete faith that in some way God will use this as a way to bring glory to His name, as well as bring my family closer together. I do not know why this has been brought against my family, and I have prayed to God to not allow me to enter into asking why, for I know that will lead to no good. Instead, I have prayed to Him to give my mom the strength to get through this and to bring people along side her to help her get through this. But more importantly, I have prayed for His will to be done and His plan accomplished.

I pray over this situation every day, and if you feel inclined I welcome your prayers as well. My family is gearing up to face the biggest hurtle we have ever faced together; I know that through the strength that God provides, we will prevail in this fight. We are entering into a period of doctor appointments, referrals , consultations and information gathering as we prepare for the first surgery.

Please join my family in praying over this time. There are so many aspects to something like this to pray for, in addition to God being glorified in some way through this process. Prayers for the doctors, the safety of the surgery  and that the cancer has not spread beyond the lump that was found. God is a miraculous healer, He has shown this time and time again, and I ask now for Him to step in so we can first hand see His power at work.

I seek to surrender this all to God…

He is our Healer…nothing is impossible through Him…

Psalm 23

Thank you for your prayers during this time. 


2 thoughts on “The Fight Against

  1. Over 43 years ago my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia and given a short time to live. I was 13 and terrified. She answered the kemo with God gave me a family 5 children to raise and I am not done yet. Today at 76, she has overcome the leukemia, multiple strokes, breast cancer, diabetes, and now ongoing TIA mini strokes causing bleeding on the brain and loss of her speech and weakness of her right side; and she fights to do the work God has called her to do. A few months ago a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and the uncontrollable tremours. Last Sunday her goal ws to be at church for Christmas.

    Somewhere between the loss of all her hair, the 911 calls, the ambulance rides,the ER, and the recovery rooms, the theraphy and healing, God used this as a time for us to grow closer and placed her trust in him as we handed all over to him.. My mom is the strongest person I know and I know there will be a day she will be taken to be with God, so we celebrate her strength through he who has been faithful and given the ultimate sacrifice of his son for us. We do not have to worry what is to come for in him there is no question. God will use this for his glory and to bring you and all he sends the hope he brings in this journey.

    The greatest gift my mother has given me is her faith and knowing she will be with God today and forever. There is no greater gift a parent can give to their child. I pray for healing and that God answers with a closeness to him and his hope. My prayer is God heals in a way only he can and that in this comes the strength he brings and the hope that comes with that. Also, that God work in and through your mother and those she loves and that you give thanks for every minute you have and will share. Tell her story of faith and the hope it brings and do all possible to bring that hope to those God sends in this time. In this will come your hope and his strength. In this is healing.

    God already knows all that is to come and weil use that for his glory. God still has much flor you rmother to do. It is for us to trust him and do his work in all times and to him be the glory.

  2. Amen and amen! Joining you in prayer for my dear friend! “For I consider that the struggles of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:28

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