Jesus is greater than our human-devised politics could ever be…if we have switched this view in our mind, then we need to be re awoken to the truth that is Christ and the law in His Word. God has a plan not only for each of us, but also for our country. In order to bring about that plan, He will bring into power the people He wants to be there. Sure, we may not understand it right now, but it is all part of a picture bigger and greater than any of us. This election is just one small piece in the master plan that God alone knows. So please, exercise your right to vote…it just may be that God works through your vote to accomplish what He wills.

Jesus is greater.

Maxwell A. Mooney

Tomorrow, November 6th, Americans will head to the polls (if they haven’t mailed in already!) to vote for the next President of the United States. Presidential elections, thank God, only occur every 4 years. This year I’ve seen many of my friends and family alienated from one another because of emotional reactions to political opinions expressed in various formats. That, however, is not the subject of this blog.

The subject of this blog is what happens tomorrow night. After all the votes have been counted (which may actually take a couple of days), a President will have been decided. But something really odd happens after an election- some on the the “losing” side begin to wax depressed about how the country will fall into some dystopian state because “the other guy” won. People put so much stock in their political candidate, and invest so much emotional and intellectual energy into…

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