An Open Letter To Best Friends

Hey blogging friends! Below is a guest post from one of my friends from SPU. She emailed me asking if she could post about her best friend, in a way that honors not only her best friend, but all best friends…and I said of course! So I encourage you to take a couple moments and read through what Melissa has written. Enjoy!


Hi, everyone. My name is Melissa, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to guest blog here today. Rob and I went to SPU together, and we have a lot of mutual friends. One of those friends is Alyssa.

For those of you who don’t know Alyssa, here is what you need to know: She drinks her French-press coffee black, like a true Seattlite; she’s from Portland. She’s currently living in Washington, D.C., where she’s studying to become the next Benazir Bhutto. (I don’t know if you can study to be her, but Alyssa is in law school, at any rate.) And it seems like the perfect setting, because Alyssa is a total political junkie, an international relations addict. When I was in the throes of junior-year stress and angst, she made jokes about Vladimir Putin and brought a smile to my face.

In short, she’s my best friend. And today is her 23rd birthday.

So I’d like to dedicate this post to Alyssa, but it is really an open letter to best friends. Maybe you can’t relate exactly to our stories (I’d be worried if you could), but I hope you have a friend who comes to mind when you read these things.

Anyway. An open letter to best friends.

To all of the best friends,

You know who you are, because as soon as I said that—“best friends”—you know who thought of you. You know it because you thought of them, too.

Thank you for accepting us when it seems like we only have half a brain. Thank you for being the other half of our brains. One time, Alyssa told me to become a political science major so I could go to France with her. So I did. I hated politics at the time. Maybe this seems like a stupid decisions—to pick up a second major in a subject you hate for the sake of a summer in France—but it ended up being one of the best choices I ever made. And it was as if Alyssa knew it.

Thank you for sharing the same wavelength. Believe it or not, Alyssa and I actually bonded over a love of ASSP Senate. And by that I mean that we both had to attend Senate every Monday for a year, and our inseparable bond was forged over many snarky notes passed back and forth.

Thank you for inspiring adventure in us. One time, Alyssa and I drove to Portland and back again in the span of about 7 hours. This would not be particularly remarkable, except that we needed to reach Powell’s Books by 11 p.m. and it was just past 7 p.m. when we decided to go. Consider also the more-or-less four hour drive to Portland, and it was a recipe for a potential catastrophe. And yet, as we hurtled down I-5, there was no more logical choice than just to go for it. We also stopped in Centralia to try and steal a street sign. We didn’t. (Oh, but it wasn’t for lack of trying)

Thank you for accepting our quirks. The perfect example in two words: Sleep walking. (Another good example: those times we made videos of our own web show called “Cute With Issa” and had no shame in posting them to Facebook.)

Thank you for not accepting us when we want to wallow in self-pity (even if we might insist that it is just one of our “quirks”). Alyssa and I have this joke wherein we lament our inevitable fate as crazy cat ladies, and it’s funny now because we’re in our 20s. But I know that, whenever I do seriously consider starting my cat collection, Alyssa will the first one to stop me and talk sense to me. Or she’ll be the one who helps me pick which cat to adopt. I’m still not sure on this.

Thank you for being there for the big moments and the deep conversations, because we’d all go certifiably insane if we had to have those conversations alone. Yet, thank you for sharing the little, dumb moments, too, because we all need to laugh at cat pictures online sometimes. Both of those things are the reason I’ll always keep Alyssa close: She’s too much of a liability for my reputation otherwise.

Most of all, thank you for seeing us as we are and loving us in spite of the fact that we aren’t as great as we pretend to be. You see our flaws—all of them, and there are many—and yet you still think, “I’d rather spend time with you than watch cat videos on the Internet any day.”

And we think the same of you.

We love you, best friends.

(And we never forget what you said you wanted for your birthday.)


Thanks, Melissa for the great post and reminder about how great our best friends really are!

And a very happy birthday to Alyssa! 🙂 Have an awesome 23!

Alyssa and Melissa…best friends indeed!


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