The World United…London 2012

I write this now as I watch the closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games. While the ceremonies are full of energy and everyone is in high spirits, it is a good reminder of the amazing feats of athleticism experienced over the course of the past two weeks; a brief period of time when the world was seemingly united in London and across the globe. Nations stood side by side, cheering on their respective competitors, while also admiring the athletes from other countries.

Like it is with every set of Games, there was a mix of favored winners and unexpected upsets. World and personal records were broken, and in some cases shattered, as athletes put in more effort than ever before. Medals were won and received to the sound of national anthems from across the globe.

I am thankful for past two weeks and the range of emotions brought upon by the Olympic Games. I always enjoy them and look forward to the next set already (less than two years until Winter 2014 in Russia!!).

To all the athletes- well done to each and everyone of you. Whether you took home a medal or not, know that you are still one of the best and that your hard work and determination will serve as inspiration to countless people in every corner of the earth.

Team USA 2012. Sp proud of all of them! Final medal count: 104 (46G, 29S, 29B)! USA USA USA

Photos from the Olympics:


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