The Dream.

So the other night I had this interesting dream. It was one of those that seems super life-like and you feel as though you are actually living it. Typically dreams like this fade in the morning and what happened is not typically remembered. This dream, however, was not exactly like that because I still remember what was said during the dream…

I open my eyes and find myself in a dim-lit room. I am standing next to a table and I notice two people sitting on one side, dressed in suits, and a single person sitting on the other side. I know I recognize this person, but I cannot exactly place who it is…

Suit 1: Well, that settles it, then.

Me: Settles what? (having just come into the situation I am clearly confused)

Suit 2: We know she is guilty and that will be the end of it. There is no need for a trial; we will just put her away for a long time.

Me: Wait! No trial, what is this? And how can you just know she is guilty?

Suit 1: Trust us, we know. Plus, it would be pointless to go to trial as there is no one to defend her.

Me: I will defend her.

Suit 1: You? Why would you defend her?

Me: Because I love her. (this is followed by silence as she looks up at me)

Suit 2: You love her? After everything she did?

Me: Yes. Through everything…through the good times and the bad, while we were together and while we have been apart. No matter what has been done or said. I have never stopped loving her, I have as long as I have known her, and I always will.

Her: Always?

Me: Always and forever.

And that is when I felt myself coming to consciousness and was lying in bed wide awake. I know not what this person did to deserve such treatment, but I know how I felt and that those feelings were true. Even now, days later, I can still feel the various emotions in that room…the despair, the loneliness, the hope, and the love. The image of her looking up when I said I loved her is burned into my mind’s eye, I can clearly see the despair mingled with the first glimpse of hope in her eyes…a look I will not soon forget.

You may ask who this mysterious girl is, and the truth is that I do know who she is. However, I will not say-not yet anyways.


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