EFC Uturn Jr. High

So last night was an interesting one…it was my last Wednesday serving as a leader with my church’s junior high youth group: Uturn. I have been with the youth group since September and have overall enjoyed the experience and opportunity.

When I ended my time at camp last August, I moved back home but I was not ready to end my ministy outreach. I prayed that God would bring about an opportunity for me, and He sure did! I was asked to be a leader with the youth group and said yes right away. That was nearly nine months ago…

I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be apart of this group. Not only have I been able to help lead the junior highers, specifically the 8th grade guys, but I have had the priveledge of being part of a great team of individuals. Together we have worked to create a welcoming enviroment for junior high students, an enviroment of safety, fun, new experiences, and most importantly one in which all we do is centered around the good news and gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will never forget my time with Uturn as I enter into new parts of my life, new opportunties. I take with me fond memories and new friends, as well as renewed purpose and mission in life.


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