Ask Siri…

So recently my good friend John and I were driving around, just having a good time. For some entertainment, we turned to his IPhone 4s and started asking Siri a bunch of random questions…both fun and serious. We got a bunch of answers back and it was fun laughing over some. Then we posed the following question, expecting something funny in return. Well, the answer surprised us, and caused us to reflect for a moment…Take a look:

Too true, Siri, too true…What a great reminder of how we should be living our lives. No matter what religion, if any, you choose to follow, I think this hits home for everyone. It really puts life in perspective for each of us and reminds us what is important in life.

Take a moment, think about this particular answer to the meaning of life and how you can apply it to your life.

And yes, I totally just make a post about an answer Siri gave…aw yeah!


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