Take a moment and reflect on yourself…

Think about what you are facing,

What you have dealt with,

 And the future still to come…

No matter what it may be:


I feel as though I truly connect with the lyrics of this song. Sometimes my past plays with my head, failure knocks me down, and I just cannot forget the wrong I have done and said. Memories, thoughts and emotions come surging back, and I too struggle with my pain and seem to wrestle with pride.

But when I do not fit in, and I feel like I do not belong anywhere, I am reminded that I, just like you, am a treasure in the arms of Christ and have been forgiven!

Christ has taken the weight of who I have been, I no longer have to carry the burden because I have been set free through His forgiveness and love…and if that is not news worth celebrating, then I do not know what is!


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