So I want to better myself…as I say it I realize how vague and maybe even a little bit vain that sounds, but it is true. I want to spend time each day working to develop myself in a variety of areas and improve in various aspects of my life. It is important to set aside time to devote to self-improvement…or at least I think so.

Here is what I am going to do: I will be setting aside two hours each day and doing just this. These will not necessarily be two consecutive hours each day, most likely divided up during the course of the day. I will be spending time on things that are good for me and will help to make me a more well-rounded individual. During this time I will be stepping totally away from technology and focusing on different things…yes, this means no Facebook, texting, emailing, anything like that.

You may be wondering what I will be doing during these two hours…and I shall tell you. Essentially, I will be focusing on developing myself physically, mentally and spiritually. My two hours will be spent doing things such as devotionals, research for my book, working out, learning music, spending time in prayer  and doing other similar activities. I do not have it all fully figured out, as it will be different each day.

My motivation basically comes from within me, not from the world around me. I have realized that a desire to better yourself must come from within, not from what people are saying you should be like. I will be working towards things that I want to improve in, things that I want to be better in my life. I want to renew myself and put the focus back on what is really important. I also hope that this new ‘system,’ in a way will help me reset my thinking and focus more on God and His will, not on the will of the world. We shall see what happens!


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