Who I want to be…

As a guy, sometimes it can be hard to ask for help and to show a true desire for self change and improvement. It seems as though our male egos get in the way and we think that we can do it by ourselves. The truth of the matter is that we cannot do it on our own. We may try for a while, but it just will not work out…more often than not, we will fail.

But do not be discouraged. There is a place we can all go to get the help, guidence and forgiveness we need but may not deserve: on our knees. God is there, ready and willing to make us into who we ought to be-we just need to ask for that second chance. He is listening…just ask.

The man I want to be:

  • A good man
  • A do like I should man
  • The kind of man the mirror likes to see
  • A strong man
  • An admit I was wrong man
  • A stay man
  • A brave man
  • A giving man
  • The kind of man she sees in her dreams
  • God’s man

God, continue to create me and shape me into the man you want me to be. I sure could use your help in my life, mold me into your man first and her man second. Thank you for second chances and new starts. Thank you for meeting us when we are on our knees, guide us and use us. 


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