You know those times where you go somewhere, and although you return tired, you are still totally refreshed? Well, that was part of my weekend. I made a fairly last minute trip to Miracle Ranch. I was able to leave work early, and despite traffic, still made it to camp  around 4:30. The camp was busy, with around 75 Junior Campers (grades 4-6). We were a little short-handed so it was all hands on deck, in true camp fashion. I was able to jump right in with my friends and it was great!

It was so great being able to spend time at a place that means so much to me, with people of the same. Friday was a blast, hanging out with campers, playing games, and worshiping together. I spent the night in a cabin with the Zonzelman brothers (the group that usually goes the worship for our Fusion Weekends. They are great guys and so much fun to hangout with!) Then on Saturday I went with Jon to work an event for Camps in Tacoma. I spent the day talking with people about Camps and all the different options there are for kids and campers.

All in all, although I was only there for 24 hours, I came away feeling refreshed. To be able to spend even just a day in such a place was great. Just to back in the camp environment was a great feeling. I always enjoy being around such dedicated and relational people, a few of whom are my closest friends. We are able to work, worship and serve God together…amazing. If you have read any of my previous Camp-related posts, you know how much Camp means to me and just how much I enjoy being there.

My display at the event.


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