A Photo Finish!

Well…another Challenge is finally concluded! Sometime in the last few days (I got off track a couple times so I am not too sure exactly which day it should have ended…) my 30 Day Photo Challenge ended when I posted my last picture. It was definitely a experience, that is for sure, and for the most part an enjoyable one. The template I was following did a good job of covering a lot of different avenues and areas of life and really making me think. Sure, some days I did not post a picture from my life, per se, but to me it all fit together. I hope you got somewhat of an idea about myself through it and maybe even learned something…I know I sure did!

Well, if you have any questions about any of the pictures, please do not hesitate to ask. I know some may not seem too clear to you, so if I can provide any explanation, I will do my best.

Now the question is raised…what challenge do I do next….?


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