Thank You!

A special note to those of you who read my blog. Whether this is your first time reading what I write, or if you are an avid follower, I wanted to say thank you. It is encouraging to know that there are people out there who are actually reading what I write and seeing what I post.

However, I do not write just to have people read what I write. If that was the sole motivator behind my writings, then I would write and post what I thought the majority of people would want to read and see. Basically, I would write to appeal to the masses…but this is not why I write.

Many people ask me why I keep a blog and why I write so much. The easiest way to answer this is that it is a creative outlet. By keeping a blog, I have a medium by which to express the ideas, thoughts and feelings in my mind in a mix of a creative and structured way. This blog is my outlet and for as long as I can, I will keep writing and posting…and subsequently you can keep reading.

All that being said, I do appreciate those of you have subscribed to my blog. It is good to know that at least a few of you out there are seeing my posts 😉 If there are any of you who would also like to subscribe, I welcome it. It is super easy to whether you have a blog or not, just check out the side panel for the box to click. If you have a blog and decide to follow me, I will follow you right back!

If you ever want to provide me feedback, ask questions or give ideas for posts, please let me know! I welcome and encourage all of it. So if there is something you have wanted to ask me, or a topic you want to hear my thoughts about, comment somewhere and let me know. If you read a past post and want to know more, post a comment. I try hard to reply to everyone who posts and respond with a thought out answer. I really love questions, so feel free to ask me anything! I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for reading now and into the future! Stay tuned, you just never know what I may post!

So many components to a blog post! (Ignore the cirlced "mac" though, I am a proud PC owner)


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