The music…WAS.

The other night I was able to work another event for 105.3, our local Christian radio station. I left work at the hotel at 5 and headed down to the Christian Faith Center in Federal Way for the Gungor Concert. Simply said, the concert was truly amazing. The music was fresh, the energy fun and everyone’s attitude was positive up lifting.

Gungor is a Christian music group, based out of Denver. When talking about a music group, the question is often raised: “what type of music is the group?” Well, you see, this is not an easy question to answer when talking about Gungor. You could try using genres such as: pop, folk, alternative…but you still would not be quite right. For the musical collective, Gungor is not that simple…it is a little of everything, and yet something all their own at the same time. Gungor is a group that believes listeners are intelligent enough to appreciate lyrical metaphor and allegory along with intricate time signatures and somewhat uncommonly paired instruments in pop or rock music. All their music is unique, slightly quirky, a tad unusual/unexpected…and entirely beautiful. If you have never heard Gungor before, I encourage you to check some of their music for yourself; it is just so different than everything else out there, I think it will catch you slightly off guard but you just may find that you like it.

I tried recording a couple videos when I was there…but I would highly recommend you also check out better recording on YouTube. ( I took a couple videos on my iPhone but they will not upload for some reason (If anyone has any help/advice on how to do this, let me know!)

Overall, the concert was just wondering. It was a powerful and beautiful evening to be sure.

Gungor's "Ghost Upon The Earth" album cover


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