How did Jesus become so well-known in today’s society? For more than twenty centuries, it took lots of blood and tears to spread his name as God’s promised Messiah. Today, because of the hard work and faith of Jesus’ disciples, Christianity has expanded to the most practiced religion in the world.

But let’s go back in time when Jesus was here on earth…Back then, he was well-known alright, but he was not glorified or honored like he is today. He was spit upon, rejected, thrown to the ground, and persecuted by his own people. Jesus endured all these things in order to save his lost sheep. Jesus spoke about the kingdom of God so that they might recognize their own savior, yet they rejected him and later on killed him. In fact, he already knew this had to happen to him and we know this because Jesus directly quotes Ps. 118:22-23

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  1. I found this blog earlier today and wanted to repost to share to all of you. Jesus truly needs to be our cornerstone- the stone that our lives are build upon. Jesus alone provides a fully firm and trustworthy foundation, in Him alone is this foundation possible.

    Matthew 7:24-25

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