Epic Weekend.

So really for the first time since before New Years, I found myself with a free weekend. Since I wasn’t able to travel to see friends, I decided to bring my friends over. I made an event page on Facebook and made it open to anyone who wanted to come. I figured it would be a pretty chill weekend with a couple people coming over. In a way, I was right…but in a way it was so much more.

I spent Friday evening and Saturday morning getting the house cleaned up and ready. The first friend/guest (Jake!) showed up at noon and it only got better from there; we went out to lunch and went grocery shopping. Then it was back home to finish prepping for the evening. Over the course of the next 24 hours, easily 20 different people showed up. There were friends from SPU, Cedar Park, Camp, Youth Group and more! To summarize the weekend, the first friend showed up at noon on Saturday and the last two left at nearly 10:30 PM on Sunday.

It was such a joyous weekend, definitely a great idea to invite over some great people! The time was spent having fun conversations about so many different things (work, school, future, past, sports, relationships, etc…), joking around, playing fun games, watching movies, driving around to fun places (spontaneous drive to Miracle Ranch) and just enjoying hanging out with each other. Overall, I greatly enjoyed spending time with so many great people. By the end of the weekend, I was totally exhausted (three hours of sleep in 40 hours) but also totally refreshed and rejuvenated.

So to my friends: Thank you to all of you who could come. I enjoyed having fun with each and everyone of you, regardless of how long you were able to stay. We sure had some great conversations, and I am especially grateful to certain individuals (you know who you are) for the opportunities we had to talk about some of the big things in life..I know it helped me out and I wish the same for you-thanks for listening and for the advice. It was truly a great weekend, better than words can describe, and I will not soon forget it. Thanks, all!


6 thoughts on “Epic Weekend.

  1. I believe 10:30 on Tuesday has not happened yet so i think you mean Sunday. I could be completely wrong though 🙂 I had an awesome time as well. sleeping for 3 hours was definitely a highlight lol. though voodoo doughnuts would have been an awesome addition….just saying :p and I think it is safe to say the under 21ers won. 🙂

  2. I had a great time Rob! I was exhausted when I got home with a 3am start Saturday morning and almost didn’t make the long treck through our backyards… but I’m glad I did! It was great to meet some new people, eat great food and to learn some new games! Not to mention a good COD refresher 🙂 A repeat is necessary!

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