Where Is It?

Yes, it is Valentine’s Day.

Yes, this song has to do with love.

Yes, there is more to Valentine’s Day than just romantic-type love.

Ask yourself, “Who can I show love to today?”

Take today as an opportunity to extend love to everyone around you. Do not just use today to tell your loved ones that you love that you do (To be honest, they should really know. If they do not, tell them more often-just not one day a year. Your loved ones should never have to wonder if you love them), use it as a day to extend it to everyone around you.

In a way that sounds a little bit hippie-ish, the world would truly be a better place with more love. Only question is…where is it?

Favorite line: “Father, Father, Father help us. Send some guidence from above cause people got me, got me questionin’ where is the love?” It is so true…only God can show us how to truly love each other, we can not learn it from each other. We must turn to the best example of love, our Father in heaven.


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