Travellin’ Man

Well, I’m back from another weekend away and it was another good one! While I was driving back from this particular adventure, in Bellingham, I thought about the various trips I have taken so far this year. Seeing as it’s only the second week of February, I guess I’ve traveled a lot so far. Here are the past few weeks briefly outlined:

  • New Year’s Weekend: Drove down to Portland and stayed with Jeremy for two nights. Over the weekend, got to spend time with Jeremy, Joel, Erik, Matt, Aly, Emily, Kyle and Jake. It was a fun weekend ringing in the New Year.
  • January 6-8: Went to a camp in Cle Ellum with my youth group. Spent the weekend worshiping God, studying the book of James, playing in the snow and just having an overall fun time!
  • January 14 & 15: Left at 3 AM to drive to Missoula to help and support Evan as he proposed to Sadie. Robert came with me and we had a great time! It was a crazy two days to be sure but totally worth it!
  • January 21: I stayed home but working on Saturday for Spirit 105.3. Rocking concert!
  • January 28: Spent the day at SPU for Homecoming. First time as an alumni and it was super cool! Centurion’s Brunch, President’s Luncheon, Young Alumni BBQ and more.
  • February 4 & 5: Fusion weekend at Miracle Ranch. See my post “The Stark Truth” for more about this weekend
  • February 11 & 12: Well, that brings us to this weekend. I went up to Bellingham to see some friends that had haven’t seen since the summer. I was able to hang out with some great friends from camp, and event meet some new friends. Good times with Jeff, David, Michael, Jessica, Monica, Hilary, and others. It was so refreshing to be around people my age again and it was just so much fun!

It has been so great being able to travel and see my friends. Although distance may be between us, I am working to maintain my relationships. See, if a relationship is important to you, it will require a little effort to make it work but it is completely worth it!  I’ve had such a great time so far this year and I’m excited to see what other adventures are in store. I may not travel every weekend, but you can probably believe that I will be doing something…time doing nothing is time wasted! So if you ever want to do something with me, let me know! I’m down for an adventure whenever you may be as well! 

Here’s to the memories and adventures I have had so far and the ones yet to come!



2 thoughts on “Travellin’ Man

    • It had been fun, that is for sure! Then again, making time for the people you care about tends to be. Great memories along the way so far, and it is only February…still so many grand andventures yet to be had!

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