Let Me See Like You.

So, recently I’ve been wondering how I can pray for different people in my life. More specifically, the people I work with. I mean, I have gotten to know them in a work environment, but I ask myself: how well do I really know them? I’ve talked with a few and learned more about them and have started piecing their stories together, but I know there is so much more…so much more than I can see with my own eyes.

This morning I was driving to work and thinking about my co-workers. I turned on 105.3 and a song came on that really hit me. You know when there is a song that is exactly what you need to hear? Yeah, it was one of those times. It has become my prayer for my coworkers as I work to see them through the eyes of God, through eyes of love and grace.

Lord, give me your eyes and let me see humanity as you see them.


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