A Lesson From The Water.

“One drop of water, then another, can become a ripple, a river, a rising torrent… unstoppable…which in time breaks down all resistance to flow free once again to flow towards its destiny…”

This is a quote from a movie I discovered just today on YouTube. It isn’t too terriably important as to what movie it was, but for reference it may help. It’s a fan-made movie based on Lord of the Rings…it’s about the race of men called the Dunedain (and for the record it’s not too bad at all, especially for it’s budget). However, the movie itself is not the focus of this, the focus is rather on the quote. I began to really think about it and a thought began to form in my mind…it went something like this…

What if this quote could be applied to the church?

The water, each drop, represents a life of a single believer. Separated and alone, each drop does not account for much. However, when brought together, something powerful can be produced and serious change can be brought about. Single drops of water come together to form a ripple then a river then a rising torrent. This torrent of water works to break through all resistance and flow. Imagine how much the Church could accomplish if we took a lesson from the water. Let’s the flood-tide that changes and shapes this world in incredible and powerful ways.

Together we can break through any resistance this world tries to erect in front of us.

Together we can join and flow towards the destiny God ultimately created us to reach.

Call it what you will…a flood, a revolution, an uprising…or, what it needs to be: revival.

Drop By Drop…A Rising River.


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