Winter Camp ’12

Winter Camp '12

EFC Junior High UTurn Winter Camp '12

Well, just got back from an awesome weekend with my youth group! It was our annual Winter Camp and it was great to say the least. We covered nearly the entire book of James in just under 48, it was awesome! We divided the book into different sections and used different tools to teach the book to the junior highers. The weekend was full of good teachings, informative workshops, morning devotionals and great messages. It was so great to be able to come together and talk about Jesus…and everything He has done and will do for us. Some of the junior highers really opened up with several of them recommitting their lives to Christ and one even stepping out in faith for the first time. 

We also had a blast just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. I mean, hanging out with junior highers is never boring! From sledding to games to hours spent playing football in the snow it was all so much fun. It was great to get to better know the students and leaders. Now I’m back home, a little sore, but totally refreshed. Awesome weekend to be sure 🙂

I think what hit close to home for me, was the no matter how old we may be or how smart we think we are, God can always teach us something. We talked over the course of the weekend about being an authentic Christian, and God spoke to me as well as to the students. There were definitely great reminders during the weekend, most of which came from conversations with other leaders and from talking with the students.


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