Body, Mind & Soul.

I’m working on developing a new plan, something to add to my day to help me in a few different areas. I guess you could say that it’s been brought on by some sort of New Year’s Resolution…and in some ways it is, but I’ve been thinking about this since before New Years, now just seemed like a good time to start it off! Basically, I’m developing a plan that’s aim is to help me better myself in three, broad areas: body, mind and soul. I know this seems a bit general, but let me explain a little about each and what I’ll be doing.

Body-This should be fairly straightforward. One of my goals for the year, and items on my bucket list, is to summit Mt. Rainier. In order to do this, I want to get in excellent physical condition and develop habits that I’ll keep, even after I summit. I’ll be changing it up every so often so as to keep improving in different areas. On the list so far are activities such as  running, biking, swimming, boxing, climbing, bouldering and conditioning. This also includes eating and drinking better and more nutritious options.

Mind-Although I am done with college and higher education, for the time being, I want to continue pushing my mind and utilizing it as much as I can. I’ll be implementing a couple different parts to this during each week. I’ll be alternating between learning and practicing instruments, reading for pleasure, researching and writing. I’ve started tossing around a particular topic I want to research and write about, but I’ll also be writing additional material when I feel inspired. I want to keep my mind active and alert.

Soul-Perhaps the most important aspect of all, my spiritual growth. This includes spending time in the Word each and every day, spending time in prayer and communication with God, reading on various theological topics and learning how to better defend and live out my faith.

Well, there ya go. That’s the rough idea of what I’ll be impletenting to help myself be a little better each and everyday. Let me know what you think, or if you’ve done something that works well for you too please let me know. We’ll see where this leads!


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