Christmas or Holiday?

It’s during this time of the year there seems to be so much political correctness. People bring up arguments regarding church and state, and how the two should be separate from each other. There seems to always be a push to drive anything religion oriented from public venues such as courthouses, schools, and other areas. And while these types of arguments and discussions happen all during the year, I feel like it’s more prevalent this time of year.

So many people want total separation that saying “Christmas” is too much because it implies a day about Christ, or brings too much religion into the picture. Well, there’s the truth about it…it is about Christ. Christmas is the day that celebrates the birth of Christ over two thousand years ago. It is on this day that Jesus humbled Himself to our level and was born among man. It was beginning of His life on earth, which was concluded with His death and resurrection. In terms of humanity, not just Christians, this is one of the most important days in all of history. So yes, it is Christmas, and it should be focused on Christ.


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