Nick Nacks.

I look around my room and I see memories everywhere. In every corner, on every wall, and  upon each shelf, memories surround me and seem to live with me. Everything in my room has a story, a history. They hold memories of vacations, adventures, mishaps, relationships, places, people, and in some cases things still to come. Whenever I set out to really clean my room, I end up getting distracted by different things in my room and find myself lost in memories. Different things elicit different emotions…happiness, sadness, thankfulness, confusion, frustration, and more. So all this to say, that there are memories everywhere in my room, everywhere I look. Some item have been put away because of the memories they represent, but they are still there. And while remembering the past is important, it is still important to look to the future for you never know what it may hold. Feel free to ask me about the different things I have, as each as a story. Stop by, point to something and ask about it!


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