Over the past while I have developed such a great appreciation for music and the varying types/genres. I’ve always listened to a variety, but it’s something that has really gotten to me lately. I’m noticing more about the music I listen to too…listening to more than the song itself, but really trying to focus on the meaning behind the words and the composition of the music itself. It is so interesting to piece a song together and find new meanings from something I’ve listened to many times over. It’s becoming more apparent to me that part of listening to music is a two way street, let me explain briefly while still trying to get the point across…our music choice is affected by our mood and reversely our mood is affected by the music. There’s so much more I could say, and perhaps I’ll add to this later, but I’m pretty much going to leave it here for now. So feel free to stick to your genre of music, I’m going to continue pulling from all different genres…from Christian to country, jazz to rap, classical to alternative, music is a powerful force and one that I will continue to enjoy immensely.


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