What Does It Mean To Be Thankful?

In light of today, it is important to think and reflect on what it really means to be thankful. More often than not, it is easy for us to remember the hard or difficult times and let those memories take over our minds and be all that we dwell on. This seems to be especially prevalent on days like today, where the focus of the day is on thankfulness, it seems to be that every way we turn there are stories of what’s going well in other people’s lives…it can cause us to seem like there is nothing in our own lives or cause us to remember only what is difficult or hard in our lives.

However, it is extremely important on days like today to remember just how much each of us are truly blessed with. Sure, I’ve had my difficult times and have had to deal with my fair share of low periods of life, but there are still things I am extremely thankful for each and every day. I was blessed to be adopted into my family and have been able to go on some amazing vacations and have many experiences I will never forget. I was fortunate to attend an amazing university and graduate in four years with a B.A. in Business Admin. I have truly great friends who have stood by me and supported me through so much. There are so many aspects of my life that I need to be thankful for.

Yes, there are parts of my life right now that I may find frustrating or confusing, but I have so many other things to be thankful for. I don’t fully understand why different things are going on in my life, but I need to be thankful for this period of my life. Life is too short to be ungrateful for the time we have been given. It would be easy for me to be discouraged, but I will not be. I will remind myself everyday to be grateful and thankful for everything I have. Although it is difficult to see at times, I am blessed in so many ways.

Lord, thank you for everything you have given to me and everything you are teaching me. 


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