It is a simple truth-we all dream. I’m not talking about dreams in the sense of goals and aspirations, but rather the dreams we all experience when we sleep. Science, and personal experiences have shown all of us that we all dream each and every night. We know, from science, that most dreams our the result of our mind processing and sorting. Science also tells us that we do not remember most of our dreams, but you and I both know we tend to remember something of our dreams every night. Typically, it seems, our dreams our more vivid when we initially wake up, but we tend to forget more and more over the course of the day. So, I’m speaking broadly of the dreams we have while sleeping, but more specifically of the dreams that stay with us and effect us, even after we wake up.

These types of dreams are those that seem so incredible realistic and lifelike. Often times these dreams start the way “normal” dreams do, with something familiar mixed with something out of the ordinary. It is hard to put into words, but I think we all know what I’m trying to say. However, these dreams are ones that take a more drastic turn and draw on deeply rooted emotions, feelings and experiences. In the cases that I am speaking of, these dreams cause you to wake up in a cold sweat, feeling upset, frustrated, confused, and maybe a little angry. The types of dreams where your mind plays out scenarios in what is the worst possible way but it feels so real and feels like its the only way it would happen.

Well, it is not very common, but I had one of these types of dreams last night. I’m not going to go into what the dream was about, as it was fairly personal and hit really close to home with things that I have been dealing with lately. When I woke up, in a cold sweat with tears in my eyes, feeling a mix of emotions, I truly felt like my dream had been a reality and felt utterly depressed by it. I texted one of my friends, and received both a powerful reminder and much needed encouragement in return. I was so appreciative of what was texted back to me, I wanted to share pieces of it. It really meant a lot to me and helped me overcome the negative emotions I was experiencing, and reminded me to turn everything over to God.

“Dreams are sometimes Satan’s only way of making us feel defeated and powerless, which is the biggest lie. . . but we have the most high God on our side. . .tears are such a good reminder that we’re human, that we need to continually check our hearts for things we’re not letting God bring light to or think we have control of. God is our redeemer, trust in that. It’s more powerful than we give credit.”

Tonight, when I go to bed and fall asleep, I will rest in the peace that God is with me and for me. I know these types of dreams do not come from my Redeemer , but from the Deceiver, who wishes to cause us to doubt, question and feel down trodden. Tonight I take refuge in Christ for Satan will not win over me-in any way, shape or form….Christ will protect.


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