This is War.

I recently heard this song while watching a Harry Potter tribute video. Since I first heard it, I keep listening to the lyrics of the song. I encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to it…I mean, really listen to it. Then I want you to ask yourself,     “What am I fighting for?”

All of us are fighting for something. We are all engaged in some kindof warfare, whether we realize it or not. Every day, every choice, every opportunity is part of something bigger than ourselves. Someday the war will be over, someday each of us will have to answer for what we  have done. The question is, what side will you be on?

Are you fighting for yourself and for the things of this world- wealth, possessions, fame?

Or are you fighting for something bigger than yourself honor, mercy, justice, love?

I will fight until the end, until the war is the done.  I will lift my hands towards the Son.

What are you fighting for?


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