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Recently been praying and asking God why so many crazy things are happening in my life at once. I’ve gone through most of my life having things planned out and knowing what is coming next, mainly in relation to school.

The more I pray, the more resolute I feel about what God is telling me. Here is what I have heard from Him. “Do not think that I am testing you, think more that I am teaching you. These are lessons in guidance, patience and full reliance on me. I have given you no more than I know you can handle and will succeed at. Know that I have the right plan set out in front of you and you are well on your way to discovering it. Take full advantage of this opportunity to learn the lessons I have put before you so that you can reapply them later in life and succeed at anything. Above all, remember the blessings I have given to you, for they are an idea of what is to come. Blessings be upon both of you.”


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