1 Corinthians 13:4-13 Prayer for Love

Over the past week or so, I have been constantly drawn back to a particular passage in the Bible. These verses have become the outline or foundation of a prayer of mine. I’d like to take a moment and share my prayer for love, based on 1 Corinthians 13.


I pray that you continue to work inside me, changing me into who you want me to be. I believe, Lord, at the foundation of who you want me to be is love. I realize this is a word that can be used loosely in our culture, so please help me to truly understand it and how to truly live it everyday. You set forth the outline of love in Scripture, let me cling to it and use it.

I pray for patience through love to all those around me. Allow me to be patient about the future and know that you do what you do through your love for me.  I pray that I be kind to all around me, whether I know them or not. Your son showed kindness to all, allow me to apply that more in my life. I pray against jealousy of all types, particularly pertaining to love. Help me to walk humbly with you, recognizing the good in my life as signs of you love and to show this love to others. Allow me to use my gifts to truly love others, and to not seek satisfaction for myself. Continue to show me my personal love language and utilize it more in my everyday life, particularly to those I am close to. Work in me to calm my heart in tense situations and not react first out of anger in any situation. Help me to take the deep breathe and approach every situation with love and clarity. Let me forgive others as you have forgiven me. I have no right to hold grudges against others when you yourself have forgiven all that I am and love me the same. You know which ill-memories I cling to, Lord, and help me to let those go and show true forgiveness to those people. Help me see the good in every situation, and to take joy in the truth-your truth, over the truth of the world. Help me protect, trust, hope and persevere through love.

As I transition into being a man of God, a spiritual leader for you, help me to set aside some of my old ways of thinking and doing. As a child grows up, allow me to grow up more in you. Help me think, talk and reason like a man…a man after your own heart. I look forward to the day that I see you face to face, when the mirror of this world is shattered and I stand humbly before you. Until then, may all I do reflect you to the world. May my actions and thoughts be a mirror for you.

Thank you, Lord, for everything you have given me and all that is yet to come. Please continue your work inside of me, shaping me into who you want me to be-not who the world wants me to be. Help me to love all those around me as you love them. I want to show your love to all, in all that I do, and in all situations. Thank you for the faith I have in you, the hope you have given me and the love you have show me. Above all, I thank you for this love that has saved me, it is truly the greatest gift of all.

Thank you for the people in my life. I cannot begin to describe how much they mean to me and how thankful I am for them. Help me to continue to show them my love for them.



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