A Moment to Reflect

I wanted to take a brief moment from studying and reflect/catch up on the last quarter. A lot has happened, and I regret not consistently updating my blog. It has truly been a whirl-wind of a quarter so far…and there is still more to go. Classes have been going great, but it is getting harder to study and work when graduation is just around the corner (although the weather has helped so far in convincing me that it is not yet summer-time, or even spring for that matter). However, this quarter has been filled with much more than only academics.

Spring quarter has featured several big events that I’ve been working on for at least the quarter, and in some cases the entire year. AUSBE events have concluded, with our annual  Banquet last week and meeting during which we pass off our positions to next year’s Officers. My time as a worker for the School of Business has drawn to a close, at the conclusion of “What Can Business Do For You?” (A successful event that outlined all the offerings available to students through SBE. My time working at ASSP is wrapping up, as well as my internships at Crista and Children’s Hospital.

However, I think the saddest and most memorable moment thus far was my last Centurions meeting last night. We had a very successful time on our trip to Montana (I’ll post about this later) and it kind of hit me that my return to Seattle meant that my last meeting was only a day away. This was a special meeting for several reasons. First, we invited new Centurions members to join us-it was great to be able to meet them and see who would be joining the group for the following year. Second, it allowed me some time to reflect on the past year and share some of these reflections with the new members, as well as remind the current members everything we have done. Also during this meeting I officially passed leadership of the group to our new President, Peter Clark. I know he and the other Officers will lead the group well and I’m excited to see what they can accomplish. As we joined in a circle one last time and ended our meeting as we always do, I could not help to feel both sad at the thought of ending my time as a regular member in Centurions but also grateful for the times that I have had over the years. Centurions truly meant something to me, and the guys with in that group will be my Centurion Brothers forever. I’m excited to serve the group as an alumni in anyway possible.

With all that being said, I’m excited to see what the future may hold. God cannot use me if I cling to the past and try to keep things how they were. Change is good and I’m ready for the next adventure, confident that I will be able to face any obstacles. It’s been a great year to be sure, and I know I will miss the different groups that I have been blessed to be apart of over the years, but by stepping back and handing everything off to “the next generation” I allow myself to be continually moved and shaped by God. He has been so good to me so far, let’s see what happens next.

As always, that turned out much longer than I meant it to but it feels good to write it out. Now its time to get back to studying…database final tomorrow afternoon. Time to finish up my note cards and catch the bus to Children’s. I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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