Music For My Life

Lately I have been addicted to my Newsboys cd “Born Again.” I have always loved the Newsboys, but I feel like I’ve been taking so much away from this album lately. Each time I’ve driven in the past few days, I’ve been sure to listen to a couple of the songs. Whenever I’ve listened to a song, I’ve wanted to post it straight to my blog and write out the lyrics or post the video. I realize that this would get waaaay too long so I thought I would just highlight some of the major moments instead….– Jesus still loves each of us in a personal way. It’s time to believe in something way beyond myself.– Through the strength of Christ I can do anything and without HIM I am nothing. I need to learn how to better fully trust in God with everything in my life.– When life tries to beat us down, Jesus gives us the strength to rise up and keep going. Especially powerful at the end of the quarter and when things go differently than we had planned.– When life falls apart, Jesus is waiting with His door wide open. All we have to do is run to Him.– Christ will always be there for us. I’ve been thinking of my sister with this song lately, in relation to the main chorus of the song. Hang in there sis, it will be alright 🙂 Get on your knees again.

So there are more songs on the album so go check it out! I absolutely love it. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Newsboy's Born Again Album Cover


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