Prayers for the Pacific

This morning Japan experienced an earthquake that is reported as being the 5th largest in the world since 1900. Whole sections of the country have been destroyed by fire and water and it could get worse. My prayers go out first to those in Japan as they work to find those who are missing and grief the ones who are lost. I also pray from the areas that will be experiences tsunamis in the next few hours.

It is times like this that put other things into perspective.  Sure, I am busy finishing the end of the quarter; I am starting to feel a little stressed with just a week left-but so what? I can think of thousands of people right now that would gladly trade places with me and be away from the horrors in Japan. As a start in on homework, classes and work today, I’m going to be remembering the people all around the Pacific and what they are going to be going through today.

Today I will strive to think of those I have never met over myself.

Today, my problems are nothing and my prayers are with them.


One thought on “Prayers for the Pacific

  1. This was one year ago today. The past year stands as a testimony to the determination of mankind to overcome obstacles, to clean up and rebuild, and continue pressing forward in life. The world came to the aid of Japan and much has been done to help the country and people, but more work is still a head; continue to pray for the people of Japan and the future a head of them.

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