For the last few days our campus has been operating under what I like to call “homecoming mode.” Everyone has been busy with planning and preparing for one of the best weekends of the year-in my opinion at least. Everything about Homecoming was great! The Talent Show on Friday was absolutely amazing, probably the best I have seen during my time here at SPU. Saturday was a busy day but also just great. It started with the Centurions Breakfast (post about this coming soon) which was a great experience. Then one of my best friends and current Centurion, Evan and I worked one of the class reunions and watched the last half of the basketball game. Later that night I went to the Homecoming Dance (which was kind of lame…). Then afterwards I went out to bubble tea with some friends and hung out with a couple of them until waaay to late. Then it was up and early for church followed by a long day of homework. Well, that is Homecoming Weekend in a nutshell-if you want to know more just let me know! I have to get back to studying advertising but I’ll post more soon!


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