1.2.3.Checking In!

So. . . one of my friends reminded me today that I had not updated my blog in while (she referred to it as a looooooooonnnnngggg time-haha love it). And in all honesty, I had actually forgotten about it until today. So now I re-state my previous pledge to keep this blog current and up to date.

To start things off again, how about a quick update. The third week of the quarter is about to come to a close-it is amazing how fast the time has gone! Each quarter starts relatively the same. I make my schedule and work to develop some sort of daily routine. On the academic side of things, I’m sitting at 16 credits-the fewest I have taken in many quarters. I have three five-credit classes: Film&Faith, Strategic Management and Advertising. My last credit was a two-day class called Spirituality and Business-and this time it was taught my Dean Van Duzer. I’ll probably get more into what I’m doing in each class in later posts.

On the non-academic side of my life I am still a bit  busy. AUSBE and Centurions are both going well and I am loving working with my fellow officers and members. I’m still working for the School of Business and ASSP and enjoying it. Other than that, I just enjoy taking advantage of new opportunities when they present themselves and hanging out with my friends.

This may not be the best written post, but I just wanted to give a little update on whats going on. Future posts will probably be more specific but thats what you get for now! I’m going to do my very best to keep this updated at least every couple days. Talk to you later!! 🙂


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