Dinner in Federal Way :D

Last night, I drove down to Federal Way to have dinner with some of my favorite people. These people have become like my family over the last 8 months, true brothers and sisters. These are people I lived and worked with all summer at Island Lake Camp. However, stories from my time there are for another time, if you want to know just ask!

So last night I picked up Mochi at the ferry and we took off for Federal Way. We spent some time cruising the mall and were entertained by cops chasing a couple guys around – seemed to be a fairly common-placed activity. Then we met up with more camp people. Just to name a few who were in attendance: Cafe, Shortly, Suave, Funfetti, Jedi, Inkling, Pistachio, Mazithra and more!! We had a great couple hours of eating, laughing and just enjoying each others company; and it was great to be called Master Chief again! I must admit, it was one of the highlights of my vacation and was just what I needed. Then it was back to Seattle to the ferry and good times with random music and overall good times.

Camp friends for the win.


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