The Sound of Snow

As many of you have by now heard, the eastside of Seattle awoke this morning to a blanket of snow. At my parent’s house in Woodinville we received nearly six inches as the day progressed. I cannot lie, I am a fan of snow. Perhaps it is because I have never had overly bad experiences concerning it, but mainly fun times and good memories…but those are stories for another time. The main reason I am writing right now concerns the sound of the snow and the lesson we can all learn from it.

Perhaps one of the main reasons I love snow is the result on sounds it creates, it seems to muffle sounds and creating unique effects on everything. I love this effect during the day, but it does not compare to what snow does at night.

Not ten minutes (just after midnight) ago I took my dog out for her nighly potty break before bed. We were walking around the back yard together, the snow crunching slightly under our feet. At that moment I just happened to look up and noticed that the sky was totally clear and the dark night sky was littered with stars. The effect of the stars and snow was truly amazing. It was also totally silent and peaceful.

Moments like this just don’t happen in the city. In the city there is just too much noise and the sky is never clear enough to see the number of stars we see here. Moments like these need to be valued and treasured. Moments like these are moments worth living for.

I wish you could all have experienced this, but perhaps you have…just in your own way.


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