Here. We. Go…

Well, after much thought and consideration, I have decided to enter to world of blogging. It is my hope to use this as an avenue in which to put down some of my thoughts and ideas. I have never been much of a person to keep a journal, but it is my goal to maintain this as the year goes on. 2011 will be  year like none I have faced before. If everything goes according to plan I will be graduating in June from Seattle Pacific University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration. Then, come June 13th I will be in the “real world.” I am filled with mixed feelings as I enter into my last two quarters at SPU but overall I am excited to see what the next adventure after school has to offer.

Over the past quarter, I have been trying to think about how to reflect on my time at SPU. There is no doubt that my time here has changed who I am and has influenced me in ways I could never have imagined-but how do I put something like that into words? The truthful answer is that I don’t really know how to. There is not enough room, time or words for me to fully express what the last three and a half years have meant to me. The experiences I have been through have impacted me in ways I could not have determined or imagined before setting foot on campus.

As I reflect on the experiences over the past few years, there is only one logical explanation for everything. I have personally witnessed God acting and moving in my life. When I look at the opportunities that have presented themselves, it is truly God’s hand at work in my life. When I came to SPU, I decided to throw myself out there, to immerse myself in new experiences and opportunities. And God has truly blessed me with amazing opportunities and has helped to guide me through them. Has it always been easy? Well, no, it has not but it never really is, is it. However, I have trusted in God to help guide me through everything. The most reassuring fact, in my mind, is that even when I mess up HE is always with me and willing to help me.

And now, as Christmas break draws to a close and the New Year gets ready to commence, I look forward with great anticipation to what may come. I will be a fully-time student for the next two quarters, focusing on my business and marketing classes. It is a great feeling to be at a place in my education where I have more freedom to pick classes that of interest to me and may influence my future career plans. I will also continue to work for ASSP and the School of Business and Economics. I also have the privilege to serve as President for AUSBE (Associated Undergraduate Students of Business and Economics) and Centurions (male service and brotherhood group on campus). I am also living on campus in an apartment with my third-year roommate Aaron and high school friend Stephen. I look forward to hanging out with my friends and further developing relationships with those friends closer to me.

Basically, I know it is going to be an amazing year. The year 2011 will mark the end of my education for the time being, after 18 years, and the start of the rest of life. I don’t see it as the end of good times and learning experiences, but only the beginning. To quote my hero John Avery Whittaker, “The best is yet to come.” I do hope you will follow along with me on this amazing journey.

Here. We. Go!


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